Interview with ‘Bling Ring’ cast at Louis Vuitton, Vanity Fair special screening (Photos)

Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola and cast

What do you admire about Emma Watson? The same things. I also admire that after making a name for herself and being a child star really, she turned out as such a wonderful person and so many child stars have a lot of issues in life and she went to school, and she got educated and she’s a really wonderful sweet girl so I’m really happy for her. Katie Chang So tell us about the casting process. I live in Chicago and I have a great management team and they found the breakdown for the “Bling Ring” and they decided to put me on tape for it and five months later, I got the part. Tell us about the first time you met with Sofia. I was really nervous, but going in and sitting down with her, she was so cool, so kind and I felt like the meeting went really well. We talked a lot about writing and filmmaking. She was just really easy to talk to and I was so impressed at how kind she was. What did you love about character you play?

James Turrell installation opens at Louis Vuitton in Las Vegas

… 1 day ago, 12:29pm CDT Update: 10 Tweets 6pair of Adidas . A watch from Kenneth Cole. 2 jackets and shirts from Adidas to match his shoes. And Sunglasses from Louis Vuitton. DO WE LOVE IT?! Rihanna Goes Clubbing In London Rocking Tom Ford Over-The-Knee Boots Source: The Young, Black, & Fabulous This paper pipe plays the role of pushing forward the gases and increasing the burning speed of the firecrackers, shells, sparklers, fountains, [url=]Louboutin[/url] and many other fireworks. You may m … Marc Jacobs Rumored to Leave Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière to Take Over Source: Complex But we may find out soon, as the designer’s contract with LVMH ends in 2014 and there are rumors swirling around that he and his partner Robert Duffy may choose not to renew it, this according to Fashionista.

Louis Vuitton is Dino-mite

And now, we have one more—pretty gargantuan—reason to talk about the house. Today, Vuitton revealed that its new window installations will not consist of the brightly hued works of an eccentric or iconic artist (cue Stephen Sprouse and Yayoi Kusama). Instead, the brand has opted for dinosaurs. Seven stores worldwide—including the boutiques on Paris’ Champs Élysées, London’s New Bond Street, and New York’s Fifth Avenue—will get the Jurassic treatment, hosting golden reproductions of prehistoric skeletons in their facades. Velociraptors, Dimetrodons, Stegosauruses, Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and Triceratopses are just some of the species that will inhabit the displays, which were apparently inspired by a trip to the Natural History Museum in Paris’ Les Jardins des Plantes. On view from tomorrow, the beasts seem fairly friendly—mannequins wearing Vuitton’s Pre-Fall ’13 wares are perched peacefully atop the creatures’ backs. —Katharine K. Zarrella

RM80,000 fake Louis Vuitton goods seized

The study broke down the female personalities into five categories, which are:   Trailblazers: Big spenders, career-minded and individualistic women who know how to stand out from the crowd Passionistas: Spontaneous women who work hard and play hard Social Siders: Women who have many friends and a wide social network Peacekeepers: Women who constantly seeks stability and routine Heart Warmers: Family-oriented women Countries included in the study were Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In Singapore, 27 per cent of women are Passionistas, 22 per cent Peacekeepers, 13 per cent Social Siders  and 19 per cent each are Trailblazers and Heart Warmers.   The Philippines have the most Passionistas with 32 per cent of women polled and Indonesia next with 25 per cent.    1 in 3 earn the most in their household   The study also found that more women in SEA are becoming more affluent – with one–third of Singaporean women taking on the role of household chief income earner – and the majority of them own luxury items.   Two out of three women in SEA possess at least one luxury item and each of them spend at least S$2,100 a year on luxury items such as shoes and handbags, with Louis Vuitton and Gucci being the market leaders across all five personality categories. Women in SEA also channel most of their spending to buying other goods such as beauty products with as much as S$460 per month on mainly skincare and cosmetics. According to NBCU, this figure is more than what they spend on dining out. In Singapore, the study shows that women mainly prefer skincare products by Sk II, Biore and Estee Lauder, and cosmetic products by Maybelline, L’oreal and Chanel. When it comes to cars, 60 per cent of women in SEA are main or joint decision makers, and the popular car brands among them are Honda, Toyota and BMW. First phase of ‘High Heeled Warriors’   The current results are from the second phase of NBCU’s study. The results of the first phase, released in October 2011, measured the qualitative aspects of women’s shopping decisions.   It found out that many Asian women are educated, independent and success-oriented.

Women in South-east Asia love Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci: study

(Florian Holzherr) By Adam Tschorn June 10, 2013, 2:21 p.m. LAS VEGAS — A Louis Vuitton-commissioned James Turrell installation, which recently opened at the French luxury brand’s City Center store here, is not only one of the most intimate and unexpected ways to experience the artist’s oeuvre, it may just be the best antidote we’ve found yet to counteract the swirling, light-caused disconnectedness of Sin City chaos. Titled “Akhob,” (a word from Egypt’s Amarna period that means “pure water,” according to a guide), the permanent installation, which opened on the fourth floor of the Louis Vuitton boutique last month, is the largest of Turrell’s “ganzfeld” (light field) installations to date. It consists of two chambers, each with a circular opening, and a pattern of slowly changing light, which repeats every 24 minutes. Viewers are suffused in a shifting palette of vibrant pinks, electric blues and a peculiar shade of orange that makes the circular orb space at the room’s center look like the surface of the sun itself. At times the edges of the two chambers are clearly visible, at other times they bleed into a disorientingly uniform field of color. Although I’m certainly no art critic, and my knowledge of Turrell’s oeuvre prior to “Akhob” consisted of a partial walk-through of his current LACMA retrospective (though in fairness that included being slid, MRI-like, into a metal sphere called “Light Reignfall” where, for about 12 minutes psychedelic kaleidoscope images swirled, eddied and broke like waves over my optical nerves), I can say from personal experience that after a day and a half in Las Vegas, I’ve yet to find a better course correcter than a half-hour stint bathed in the glow of “Akhob.” Pure water indeed.  “Akhob” is the latest of three projects commissioned by Louis Vuitton , including a modular, light-based sculpture called “First Blush, Oct. 2005” that was created for Vuitton’s Champs-Elysées flagship store, and a series of 2006 photographs juxtaposing one of the brand’s iconic wardrobe trunks against the Arizona desert landscape of Turrell’s ongoing Roden Crater project.   Open since May 2, viewing of the installation is free and open to the public, but limited to four people at a time (private parties can have up to six), so reservations must be scheduled in advance. “Akhob” at Louis Vuitton City Center, 3720 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, appointments available daily from 11:30 a.m.


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