Philippine Crocodile Abattoir Sells Reptile Skin to Louis Vuitton; Are Politicos’ Skin Included? (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

Vicente Mercado, chairman of the board of JKMSAE, said besides Louis Vuitton, other branded bag makers would also buy the croc skin from them, although he did not name the other buyers. The slaughterhouse would source the skin from the local saltwater crocodile, known as the Crocodylus porosus, which is also bred in JKMSAE’s 10-hectare farm. The company has 6,000 reptiles, consisting of the saltwater species, which they breed for trade, and the Crocodylus mindorensis species which they raise for conservation. To ensure that the abattoir, which would slaughter at least 24 crocs a day, would meet global standards based on regulations of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the animals to be culled would be hit by an electric stunner and then would cut the coil and check the croc’s brain to ensure it is dead. The farm, in turn, will sell the crocodile meat in the local market. The farm is registered with CITES and open to tourists who want to learn more about the crocodile industry in the Philippines. Mr Mercado said the farm is also into conservation of the crocs for ecological balance. Philippine waters have a large number of the saltwater crocodile. In 2011, the world’s largest crocodile, later named Lolong, was captured in the province of Agusan del Sur.

Welcome To Poland’s First Louis Vuitton Store: “Open Your Bag Please”

Related articles Louis Vuitton: the world’s most valuable luxury brand And Julie de Libran, the womenswear creative director at Louis Vuitton , is a fashion person par excellence. The first time we meet at her airy six-room apartment in the chic sixth arrondissement of Paris, she’s lounging on a deep-blue velvet sofa in a piece from her pre-fall collection – a satin sweatshirt-style top in deep red with a black pattern of deconstructed lace, teamed with casual black cotton trousers. ‘It’s so comfortable,’ she says, examining the fall of the sleeve and the ribbed band around its hem, more like a scientist who’s satisfied with the results of an experiment than an ego-driven designer obsessing over her own work. The apartment that she shares with her husband, Stephane de Luze, and seven-year-old son Balthazar is as much a testament to Parisian good taste as her wardrobe. ‘But you should have seen it before we moved in!’ says de Libran, 41, who completed a rapid refurbishment in the month before Balthazar was born. ‘It had belonged to Stephane’s family and was full of flowery wallpaper and tapestry covers.’ Now with its white walls and parquet floor, it provides a perfect backdrop for fleamarket finds and some serious design pieces, including a pair of 1950s bookcases by Franco Albini that wouldn’t be out of place in a museum. Their shelves are dotted with art books – among them an Elizabeth Peyton monograph, a signed copyof Jeff Koons’ Versailles catalogue and a newly acquired David Bowie book from the V&A show. De Libran with Marc Jacobs ‘I loved it,’ she says of the exhibition, which she travelled to London especially to see. ‘You just put on those headphones, and you remember all your personal experiences that relate to his music. And he was so good-looking and tiny – his waist, his hips.

Julie de Libran: Louis Vuitton’s secret weapon

No. Am I feel Lee Byung Hyun? Yes. As a result, LBH wins. Actress Moon Chae Won ‘s little beige dress with the black intricate design is absolutely gorgeous. Classy, simple, and neutral. She definitely did this Louis Vuitton event right in this number. Hey Choi Ji Woo , who told you to wear a banana peel to this event?

Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH fined 8 million Euros in Hermes case

Animal print bras, gaudy frocks and logoed luggage were de rigueur in 1990s as the wealthy few sought to relive pre-1917 revolution excesses, according to Alla Verber, fashion director at Tsum department store in Moscow. Gangsters Girls Then, a typical new Russian was a gangster-type man in a garish jacket accompanied by heavily made-up girls, she said. Now tastes have changed. Kering SA (KER) s Gucci was the biggest luxury brand in Russia in 2011 with sales of 6.74 billion rubles ($208.6 million), ahead of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (MC) s Donna Karan and Vuitton, estimates Euromonitor. Hermes and Prada rounded out the top five, according to the researcher. The shift to less conspicuous consumption is a familiar cycle, says Claudia DArpizio, a partner at consultant Bain & Co. New shoppers in fast-growing markets such as China and the Middle East, like the display of status and buy more obvious items such as logoed bags and bejeweled watches, she says. More established shoppers focus on being in-the-know on which brands have cachet, and value more subtle materials and craftsmanship. Appreciated Consistency Of course, flash can still sell in Russia if its expensive enough. Versace, a maker of $2,795 skimpy cocktail dresses, says Russian customers keep coming back precisely because it hasnt modified its style. The Russian market seems to appreciate our consistency, Versace said by e-mail. While Russians still do much of their spending on luxury goods abroad, attracted by prices that are as much as 50 percent cheaper, brands are expanding in the country as the middle class widens, according to Bain.

Vuitton Tones Down Bling in Russia as Wealthy Go Discreet

Thursday, June 27, 2013 | Posted: 1:55 p.m. Thursday, June 27, 2013 Louis Vuitton celebrates Americana Models are being made up before Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2014 men’s fashion collection to be presented Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Paris. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon) Sponsored Links The Associated Press PARIS The Louis Vuitton man moved from the eastern Himalayas of last season to the sunny West Coast of the United States for this spring-summer 2014. “This was the American road trip, just enjoying and celebrating Americana from NASA through to the traditional things such as bandanas,” said designer Kim Jones, breaking a sweat backstage Thursday at the Paris show that was held inside a scorching conservatory. The collection ranged from the road trip, as imagined in khaki parkas with travel badges and cotton printed bandanas, to a whole mix of different American styles: From sportswear, as in white, blue and red silk graph check tailored shorts, to Gatsby-style evening suits in raw kimono silk with a classy curved lower part.

Fashion Dissection: Who Rocked It Best At “Louis Vuitton” Opening Event

After much name calling, accusation throwing and general slinging of verbal mud, French regulatory board AMF condemned LVMH for ‘failing to follow market rules’, when it discretely accumulated a significant stake in Hermes stocks. Citing the “seriousness of the successive breaches of public disclosure requirements, which consisted in concealing each stage of LVMH’s stake-building in Hermes,” as the fuel behind the hefty fine, the AMF appear to be in no doubt that there’s been foul play. LVMH however, continues to disagree. Brandin both the claim and punishment to be ‘unfounded’, the conglomerate has said it will appeal against the decision, despite further cases being already lodged against it by, yep you guessed it, Hermes. Though this chapter may be settled for now, expect more drama as the cases continue to pile up! Thoughts?

Louis Vuitton celebrates Americana

The few hundred euros he paid were mostly in change he had been saving the money for two years. When you witness that kind of situation you understand that the age, the education or the income arent the most important factors for our brand, he says. The label is strong enough to have a very simple sale strategy: no sales, no discounts and no outlets. Products are available only in the Luis Vuitton stores. Though I could swear I saw a Luis Vuitton shop in the British luxury brands outlet in Bicester Village, near Oxford. That is not possible, Eggs says. But I was there a couple of months ago and saw it with my own eyes, I insist. We are not there, he says. Sneering, I check the website of the outlet and realize I need to wipe the smile off my face: There are Burberry, Fendi, Furla, Kate Spade and Prada stores but no trace of Luis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton doesnt bargain, and the label insists that its employees know why. Salespeople are invited to participate in workshops held in the firms six French sites, so that they can witness how much heart is put into the creation process.


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