Miranda Kerr empties her Louis Vuitton satchel on Instagram

Miranda Kerr celebrity sunglasses

Well, she’s only gone and read our minds by emptying out her designer bag on Instagram. Hurrah! Something tells us those gorgeous nude heels don’t quite fit, but as for all her beauty essentials, they most certainly do. Equipped, of course, with her own natural skincare range KORA Organics, she also packed in two summer bright balms in red and pink keeping her failsafe lip shades close by, we like her style. Eyelash curlers and a powder foundation rounded off the mini makeup haul, to be teamed with Miranda’s fave retro sunnies. Instagram / Miranda Kerr

Vuitton tones down for Russian tastes

Hermes and Prada rounded out the top five, according to the researcher. Kering was up 1.5 per cent as of 9:38 a.m. in Paris trading, in line with the Bloomberg European Fashion Index. LVMH rose 2.2 per cent, while Hermes increased 2 per cent. The shift to less conspicuous consumption is a familiar cycle, says Claudia DArpizio, a partner at consultant Bain & Co. New shoppers in fast-growing markets such as China and the Middle East, like the display of status and buy more obvious items such as logoed bags and bejewelled watches, she says. More established shoppers focus on being in-the-know on which brands have cachet, and value more subtle materials and craftsmanship. APPRECIATED CONSISTENCY Of course, flash can still sell in Russia if its expensive enough. Versace, a maker of $2,795 skimpy cocktail dresses, says Russian customers keep coming back precisely because it hasnt modified its style. The Russian market seems to appreciate our consistency, Versace said by email. While Russians still do much of their spending on luxury Louis Vuitton Handbags goods abroad, attracted by prices that are as much as 50 per cent cheaper, brands are expanding in the country as the middle class widens, according to Bain.

Louis Vuitton’s bags to riches make aliyah – just in time for the Israeli summer

Abba Eban and Henry Kissinger

expresses ‘deep concern’ about South Sudan violence (Reuters) 02:36 Obama emphasizes U.S. commitment to Syrian rebels in call to Saudi king (Reuters) 01:44 Third person dies in Asiana air crash, San Francisco hospital says (Reuters) 00:43 CNN report: Israel behind recent Syria strike, U.S. officials say (Haaretz) 00:12 Bomb attack in coffee shop in Iraqi city of Kirkuk kills 31, police say (Reuters) 22:59 Saudi princess arrested in human trafficking case (AP) 22:11 Egypt turns back flights from Syria after tighter visa rules, UN refugee agency says (Reuters) 21:19 U.S. State Department says U.S. ambassador to Egypt met with Egypt’s interim president (Reuters) 20:34 U.S.


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