Stop What You Are Doing: Louis Vuitton Is Opening A Shoe Salon

The production line seems too slow and exacting for a product that is produced in high volume. And those volumes are growing steadily. Last year Vuitton opened its first in-store shoe shop at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, and it recently opened its first standalone shoe shop in Dubai Mall’s Shoe District. This Monday Selfridges in London will host Britain’s first Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon in its phenomenally successful Shoe Gallery, which has become a place of pilgrimage to the shoe obsessed, of which there are many. To celebrate, Vuitton has produced a black calfskin, silk satin and Swarovski-studded 14cm platform shoe in a limited edition of 24 pairs. They call it a ‘pump’, but that seems too basic a term for this high-glamour heel, the entire batch of which was still being finished when I visited Fiesso last month.

LVMH China Watch Sales Decline Offset by Overseas Buying

Because obviously, you dont have enough shoes in your collection already, July 15 marks the launch of the Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon (a.k.a. heaven) within the department stores Shoe Hall. Alongside a carefully curated selection of the brands luxury footwear, therell also be a limited edition LV heel on sale, titled the “Pump London.” As exclusive as it sounds, it’s actually even more so. Turns out, there are only 24 pairs of the pump being made, so expect hair pulling and elbow jabbing. Pics reveal the heel is as glorious as we’d hoped, made up in a mix of silk, satin, metallic calfskin blend, and hand-embroidered sequins.

KCBS In Depth: America’s Cup Execs Discuss Expectations

The stock has declined about 4 percent this year. The owner of the Bulgari and Tag Heuer brands is seeing rising demand in the Southeast Louis Vuitton Outlet Asia region even as sales have recently been a bit soft in Singapore, Trapani said. Growth in luxury-goods spending will be sustained this year as booming demand in Southeast Asia offsets a slowdown in China and Europe, Bain & Co. said in a report on May 16. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam are progressing well, Trapani said. Its not a boom, but certainly these are countries that are growing and becoming more important and more interesting than they used to be with us. Acquisition Targets Singapores dollar has appreciated against the currencies of its four major Southeast Asian counterparts over the past three months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The currency strength has hurt tourist and consumer spending in the island city and led to slower sales at LVMHs stores, Trapani said. Trapani, 56, a member of the Bulgari family who joined LVMH as part of the companys 2011 acquisition of the Italian jeweler, said LVMH will focus on growing existing brands while keeping a lookout for potential targets.

The new series of Louis vuitton bags would be much more attractive for people

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and could go anywhere from 5 p.m. or until 11 at night if you take in a concert. The round robins go until about August 1st, with semifinals beginning on August 6th. New Zealand is said to be having a promising performance so far and it looks as if they may go through to the finals. The team said Americas Cup is bringing 5,000 to 6,000 jobs to the city and should rake in around $1.5 billion in revenue Its still uncertain if Team Oracle would return to San Francisco if they end up with the win this year since the winner gets to pick where to go. (Copyright 2013 by CBS San Francisco.


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