Daily Obsession: Olivia Palermo’s Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 2013 Campaign Images

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 2013 Campaign Images

The fashion house has tapped Irish broadcaster Angela Scanlon to front its just-released online campaign for the new Epi leather version of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. The Neverfull, which originally debuted in 2007, now comes in a variety of brilliant shades, which means the flame-haired Scanlon was undoubtedly spoiled as she was asked to take the bags out for a spin around her top-choice East London haunts. Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Smith for Louis Vuitton “I’ve always been a huge Louis Vuitton fan,” Scanlon told us. “It’s just such an iconic brand, so when they asked me to showcase their Neverfull and LV pre-fall and Icons 2013 collections in my favorite spots in London, I rescheduled a couple of things! Seriously, what girl wouldn’t want to go gallivanting around town in her Louis Vuitton finery?” The style starwho jets back and forth between London and her native Dublinhit up local hangouts ranging from her pal’s flat and Canonbury Park to Les Trois Garcons antiques shop and even a laundromat. “I wanted to really showcase the places I actually hang out at, some of which are not very glam at all,” Scanlon explained. “I think that’s what I love about them!

Sarah Jessica Parker debuts her new $4400 Louis Vuitton tote bag as she steps out in stripes

. (PacificCoastNews) “It” bag alert: Olivia Palermo has been spotted everywhere this summer with her red Louis Vuitton “Sofia” bag. And for good reason. It goes with everything! Our street style crush has worn the caryall with everything from shorts and button-downs to adorable dresses and flats. And the bonus? The luscious red color pops agains anything she wears. Meaning: You need this bag, too. Especially if you’re on the hunt for the perfect everyday satchel. But we understand, spluging on this stunner will set you back more than at least three time’s a month’s rent at upwards of $3,000.

Louis Vuitton company increases Hermes stake again despite legal fines

“I’ve always been a huge Louis Vuitton fan,” Scanlon said about the opportunity to model the Neverfull. “Seriously, what girl wouldn’t want to go gallivanting around town in their Louis Vuitton finery?” Whether it’s with dressed-up denim against manicured hedges or styled with a schoolgirl-inspired ensemble in a laundromat, if one thing’s for sure, it’s that this colorful bag will be by your side all day, every day. Pick up the bag in stores and online for $1,990 now, but until then, take a tour of Londontown with Angela Scanlon and Louis Vuitton. Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 To celebrate the relaunch of the iconic Neverfull bag in vibrantly colored Epi leather, Louis Vuitton enlisted UK broadcaster Angela Scanlon to show off the carryall’s versatility by toting it around her favorite spots in London. “I’ve always been a huge Louis Vuitton fan,” Scanlon said about the opportunity to model the Neverfull. “Seriously, what girl wouldn’t want to go gallivanting around town in their Louis Vuitton finery?” Whether it’s with dressed-up denim against manicured hedges or styled with a schoolgirl-inspired ensemble in a laundromat, if one thing’s for sure, it’s that this colorful bag will be by your side all day, every day.

Vuitton’s Irish Charm: Meet Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon for Louis Vuitton

BY Alice Newbold | 31 July 2013 Irish broadcaster and fashion writer Angela Scanlon has been on an adventure with Louis Vuitton. Related articles READ: Who’s that girl? Angela Scanlon Queue a nattily dressed Scanlon putting a wash on in a launderette with a post box-red Neverfull; toting a yellow Neverfull while cruising around the capital on a skateboard and scouring in a curious antique store modelling the classic LV monogrammed Epi. Irish broadcaster Angela Scanlon modelling two of Louis Vuitton’s new Epi Neverfull bags Originally designed in 2007 in Monogram and Damier, the new Neverfull bags are made of Epi leather: the first colour leather line of the Louis Vuitton House, created in 1985. The grained Epi line was transformed in 2012 to include the seven new vibrant shades – orange, purple, teal, navy blue, yellow, black and fuchsia – which the July launched Epi Neverfull comes in. Each rainbow hue retails at 1,160 online and in store. Angela Scanlon clutching the yellow Epi leather Neverfull, 1,160 Scanlon, who describes her style as “a bit schizophrenic”, previously visited Louis Vuitton for her Glamour Women of the Year Awards outfit – a classic pale checkerboard number from the square-heavy spring/summer ’13 collection . Her blog claims she has been “perving on the Vuitton shows for years. in fact, my dream home has stacked monogrammed [Louis Vuitton] trunks filled with books and shoes, and matching luggage spilling from the cupboard.” And while Scanlon says she has been dreaming of a “monogrammed ‘Keepall’ since I knew what a handbag was”, we’re betting Ireland’s top stylista is quite happy with the chirpy-coloured Epis that landed on her doorstep.

ugly truth

So it came as no surprise to see Sarah Jessica Parker carrying the latest W tote bag from Louis Vuitton during a recent outing in New York. The 48-year-old actress was spotted with the distinctive canary yellow accessory as she climbed from the rear of a car and made her way into an office building on Tuesday. Distinctive: Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her new W tote bag from Louis Vuitton on Tuesday With her hair tied back from her face and a pair of large sunglasses firmly in place, the usually good natured Sarah seemed preoccupied as she hurried past, one hand clutched tightly around the totes calfskin handles. And little wonder the luxury bag, which comes in a range of styles and colours, costs a sizeable $4400 (2907.17), no doubt a snip for Carrie Bradshaw, the designer obsessed columnist made famous by Sarah in HBO show Sex and the City. Made primarily from Veau cashmere leather, the bag which went on sale in July also includes palladium brass pieces, suede lining and various interior pockets. Smart as always: Sarah debuts the new $4,400 bag as she arrives at an office block in new York City Trendsetter: The Sex and the City star’s new bag went on sale in July Its also made up of a three-part shape that give it a distinctive look, while its exterior is decorated with the Louis Vuitton insignia. On another hot day in the Big Apple, Sex and the City star Sarah opted for a seasonal stripy vest top that showed off her toned arms -and a visible blue bra strap. That’s what you call a profile picture: Paul Weller’s wife Hannah Andrews posts selfie of her gravity-defying baby bump The casual look was completed with a pair of skinny jeans with striped detail and a pair of strappy black heels.

Louis Vuitton loses lawsuit on “Hangover” handbag

“The monogrammed Keepall is my favourite bag of all time. It’s just such an iconic brand, so when I was asked to showcase their Neverfull and LV pre-autumn/winter 2013-14 and Icons 2013 collection in my favourite spots in London, I rescheduled a couple of things! Seriously, what girl wouldn’t want to go gallivanting around town in their Louis Vuitton finery?” Scanlon chose a diverse array of destinations for the shoot – including a laundrette; her favourite restaurant, Les Trois Garcons; Columbia Road Flower Market; and Canonbury Park. The 28-year-old – who is represented by Liz Matthews, the same agency that catapulted Alexa Chung to international fame – first began her relationship with Vuitton over “coffee and cake”. “I adore what the brand stands for,” she said. “It’s respectful of the heritage, but is always moving forward and innovating. I think Marc Jacobs has modernised the brand and every season there are so many pieces that I see myself wearing and, let’s face it, wearability is sometimes a dirty word in fashion but Louis Vuitton makes it appealing and special and unforgettable.” Her personal style muses include Annie Hall, Lou Doillon and Alison Mosshart – an eclectic mix, who have all influenced her “schizophrenic” way of dressing. Topshop and J Crew are next on her dream list of labels to work with.

Angela Scanlon bags top modelling shoot for Louis Vuitton

In a somewhat aggressive move, LVMH has revealed its financial share in Hermes has grown from 22.6% to 23.1%, despite being issued a 8 million fine earlier this month . Now, that doesn’t sound like much of climb in everyday numbers, but in the world of stocks and shares? When you’ve already been warned off by official regulating bodies? It’s on a par with flipping the bird. Sparking rumours that family-run Hermes might be in more financial trouble than they’d care to articulate, there’s talk that new shares in the company are being leaked by those at the top, to help to keep the books afloat. Yikes. Hold on to your Birkins folks, it could be a bumpy few months for poor old Hermes!

Louis Vuitton Handbag

He said it was unlikely that many filmgoers would have noticed that the bag, which was on screen for less than 30 seconds, was a knock-off, or that they would have thought Louis Vuitton approved of Warner Brothers’ use of the Diophy bag. “The likelihood of confusion is at best minimal,” Carter wrote. A lawyer for Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the ruling. According to the complaint, “The Hangover: Part II” had grossed about $580 million worldwide at the time the case was brought, becoming the highest-grossing “R” rated comedy ever. The case is Louis Vuitton Mallatier SA v.

“It was really good fun — what girl wouldn’t want to go gallivanting around town in Louis Vuitton ,” she laughed. Angela (28) visited some of her favourite London spots with the colourful bag including her favourite restaurant; Les Trois Garcons, Columbia Road Flower Market, Canonbury Park and a laundrette. In the shots, Angela vogues for the camera; holds a skateboard, carries a stuffed handbag, and leans next to a giant tumble dryer. Meath-native Angela is one of the hottest trendsetters on the fashion scene; she has presented London Fashion Week for the past two years and graced the pages of Vogue and Elle. Angela says she is delighted Louis Vuitton chose her to showcase their redesigned bag — which was originally designed in 2007. “I’ve been perving on the Vuitton shows for years, I’d love to work with them more and I have a few projects coming up so who knows?” Angela is currently splitting her time between London and Dublin and is known for her unique look and alabaster skin. “My style is casual, mismatched and always with something inappropriate thrown in,” she says. Angela has presented slots on Off the Rails and The Movie Show.

Louis Vuitton’s Epi Neverfull collection tours London with Angela Scanlon

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