Bagheads: Chapman Brothers And Designers Kim Jones Give A Dark Twist To Classic Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton’s bags to riches make aliyah – just in time for the Israeli summer

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Several floors up in the labels sleek headquarters on Rue du Pont Neuf, theres an endearing scruffiness to the Vuitton mens design studio, with bolts of fabric piled across tables, drifts of detritus, a lack of milk for coffee. The epicentre of scruff is Kim Jones own office, and at the eye of a storm of bric-a-brac sits the designer himself, the man charged with f creating menswear for the worlds most valuable luxury-goods brand 16.7 billion, according to the latest figures. If Jones doesnt dress the part, he also doesnt act it, which is refreshing. Indeed, before we sit down to talk, Jones whisks me through the studio where fittings for the catwalk show are ongoing, introducing me to show stylist Alister Mackie and most of the menswear team, before rifling through the racks and talking me through the collection in minutiae. Ive been to lots of designers studios the night before the show, big and small. Jones level of bouncing-off-the-walls enthusiasm is, sadly, not standard. Theres no grandeur to Jones, no world-weariness, no faux boredom nullifying the effort behind his work. He says love a lot: he loves his job, he loves selling clothes, he loves the opportunities that Louis Vuitton provides him with as a designer. And those opportunities are, it seems, endless as endless, perhaps, as Louis Vuittons pockets are bottomless. Barely two years into his tenure at the house, Kim Jones has designed cashmere-neoprene wetsuits, a buttery kidskin life-jacket, and done just about anything that can be done to crocodile.

Louis Vuitton Bags Stolen From Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport

A vivid display of mannequins kneeling captures the transformation from past to present perfectly: each model has a classic Louis Vuitton bag placed on her back covered in graffiti. The exhibit shows other irreverent sources of musings for the designer, including a 2003 manga film by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami that is used to revamp the traditional LV monogram. The continued growth of the house comes down to his versatility. Marc Jacobs fall-winter runway show featured models in Edwardian hats exiting a reconstructed train that might have been the turn-of-the-century Orient Express. So there we have it, the full circle.

Louis Vuitton exhibit: It’s the bag, stupid

A visitor takes a picture of fashion creations displayed at the Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs exhibit in the Art Decoratifs Museum in Paris, March 8, 2012.

While we didn’t walk away with a Damier print bag, we did pick up some tips that we’re definitely using for our next getaway. Do put your toiletries underneath your shoes. Your makeup bag or dopp kit will be a more structured item that will keep your gorgeous shoes from getting smushed. Do start by laying out everything you plan on packing in outfits. That way, if you are missing an accessory or packing one piece that goes with absolutely nothing else, you can fix it before you start putting things in your bag. Do use your jacket as a garment bag! Since you almost always pack some kind of outerwear, whether it’s a trench, a leather jacket, or a blazer, you can use it to protect your most delicate items. Put the piece or pieces most likely to snag inside the jacket and close it up. Now, nothing can grab!

How to Pack a Carry-On Bag From Louis Vuitton

Delphine Arnault on June 25 was named executive vice president of Vuitton, with responsibility for overseeing its product lines. Shell be the No. 2 executive in a unit that accounts for half of LVMHs pretax earnings, evidence that shes being groomed for a top jobperhaps the top jobat the Paris-based luxury giant. While Vuitton is still the worlds most valuable luxury brand, its losing ground to competitors such as Gucci and Prada ( 1913:HK ) as demand wanes for the iconic LV monogrammed handbag. A report last month by consultancy Millward Brown Optimor estimated that Vuittons brand value declined 12 percent over the past year. LVMH in April reported its weakest fashion and leather goods revenues in more than three years as sales flattened in China. As consumers make room for those luxuries that make them feel better by trading down on other items, it is the middle-of-the-road brands, such as Vuitton, that have suffered, Millward Brown Optimor said. Delphine Arnaults task will be to give the brand a more exclusive aura, deemphasizing its ubiquitous monogrammed canvas bags and introducing costlier leather bags.

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However, this summer he’s also made a handsome profit from selling iPhone 5C cases, which fetch $250 / 190 apiece, he says. Dickson says IPs from Apples headquarters hit his web site more than 900 times last month, adding that U.S. Homeland Security visited 67 times. Some people think I may be breaking the law, but they don’t really know what I do, he tells the magazine. I’m not breaking any laws that other people don’t do. Fortunes Dewitt suggests that Apple [could] choose to prosecute [Dickson] for selling iPhone parts without a license. Well, one things for sure.

Daughter’s Got a Brand New Bag, and It’s Louis Vuitton

Delphine Arnault in May, at a Dior fashion event in Monaco

Porte Simply put, this is the most stylish way in carrying your labtop. Vassili GM A stylish and functional bag for those wanting a contemporary look. Alexander Another vintage leather bag that blends practically and style. Honore An elegant and slim business portfolio that is multifunctional. Robusto This Epi leather briefcase contains several compartments which makes it perfect for carrying documents, newspapers and pens. Louis Vuitton Pochettes If youre looking for something smaller, like a bag to store almost anywhere or just to carry smaller items, there are a handful of options. Pavel Designed to be carried on the wrist, the Pavel is ideal for credit cards, a phone or travel documents.

Ultimate Guide to Louis Vuitton Bags for Men

Spencer 550x627 Ultimate Guide to Louis Vuitton Bags for Men

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iPhone Leaks Can Buy You a Louis Vuitton Bag, If You’re Smart

Just a week after samples of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 collection were lifted from a Paris train , thieves have made off with loads of Louis Vuitton from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport! Women’s Wear Daily reports that a small group of masked bandits (yes, real life bandits) overtook four airport employees and a security guard at one of the terminals and nabbed ten skids containing $400,000 worth of Louis Vuitton merch. While there aren’t too many more details, we have to wonder: ten skids? How many Speedys can five thieves carry?? Stay tuned for updates — hey, maybe the leather goods will turn up with the Marc Jacobs samples. Those would be some seriously fashionable thieves.


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